Star rating on a cylinder - what does it mean?

There are many different types of Euro Cylinder locks so it’s easy to get confused about the quality and ultimately which one(s) you should choose.

To keep it simple here is a breakdown of what the Star ratings and the Kitemark means for a cylinder.

What is a "star" rating?

TS007 was developed by the DHF and the Glass & Glazing Federation. It has the support of BSI and Secured by Design. It is a 3-star security solution. Security to the BSI Kitemark approved TS007 standard can be achieved by either a combination of a TS007 cylinder (marked with one star and the Kitemark) and TS007 security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars and the Kitemark); or a “super cylinder” (marked with three stars and the BSI Kitemark) that successfully resists snap attack without the need to fit additional door hardware. In both cases, the same degree of resistance against cylinder snapping is achieved. The star rating, if it has one, will be stamped on the cylinder. The rating is based on a series of tests that the British Standards Institution do on the cylinder to test the limitations and the security levels that the specific cylinder can provide. During their tests BSI will attempt to Drill, Snap, Pick, Bump and try to extract the plug from the cylinder. If the cylinder withstands all five of these techniques, then it will receive the highest rating of 3-stars. For a cylinder to gain a 1-star rating it must pass the BS EN 1303 Locking Cylinders Legislation which you can find the requirements for with a quick google search of (BS EN 1303)

Cylinders with no star rating have not been measured for the level of security it can provide and tend to be budget priced cylinders. However, like all cylinders they do a job, have a place in securing properties and shouldn’t be discounted per se.

What is a BSI Kitemark?

The BSI Kitemark is the security rating for cylinders and door hardware. If a product is rated by BSI it will come with a star rating. If it is BSI Kitemarked, it means it must pass a series of lock breaking techniques to prove it can withstand the potential attacks. Cylinders that do not have any star ratings or the Kitemark have not been measured for the level of security it can provide.

In Summary

  • 1-star cylinders are those which have passed the criteria for the British Kitemark so should resist drilling, picking and bumping; however, they have NOT passed snapping tests. For these cases, additional 2-star level door handles can be purchased to meet an overall TS007 3-star rating.
  • Cylinders awarded 3-stars have passed all TS007 tests including lock snapping tests. 
  • A 3-star Sold Secure Diamond rating, means a cylinder has been tested above and beyond the usual standards required for TS007, and has also been tested by the Master Locksmiths Association.

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