The difference between a National Locksmith and a Local Locksmith

Can you tell by looking at a website which one is a nationwide call centre and which one is a local independent locksmith?

When it comes to finding a locksmith, it’s essential that you choose one that you can trust. However, with so many options on the internet, it’s challenging to differentiate between the local independent and the national call centre. 

We know in an emergency it can be difficult to choose a locksmith but it is advisable to take 10min of your time to do a bit of research, this ultimately could save you £100’s.

The following may help you choose wisely:

Call Centre Locksmiths

Call centre locksmiths are companies that operate at a national level. They have a team of operators that take your calls and sub-contract it out to the nearest locksmith in your town. These companies advertise heavily online and are easy to find through search engines and will often have a “sponsored” tag against their name on Google indicating a paid for advert. Although the locksmith may well be local to you, they are subcontractors meaning the call centre takes a huge cut of the invoice you are paying. This results in the locksmith overcharging you because they have larger overhead costs, such as office rent, staff and advertising.

One of the main benefits of using a call centre, is that they’re usually 24/7, however you will be charged a premium rate for this service.

However unfortunately, when you deal with call centres you often get a poor level of service and minimal knowledge too as they are call handlers not locksmiths. When you call a local locksmith, you will probably talk to the person who will attend your property and may well get advice of things you can do in the meantime, a call centre won’t have that knowledge or expertise, they’ll just send a locksmith to your home.

Local Independent Locksmiths

Local independent locksmiths are individuals or small businesses that operate in a small geographic area, that they can cover.

The advantage of using your local independent locksmith is that their prices are lower. This is because they don’t have the high overheads like the national locksmith do and therefore provide a more cost-effective service. It may sound obvious, but the biggest benefit of a local locksmith is that they are local. This means they will be able to offer a much quicker response time to assist you. 

You’ll also find that your local locksmith provides a more honest service because they are really part of the business. When a local emergency locksmith comes to your rescue, they are representing themselves so they will provide an honest service. These locksmiths genuinely care about you, their business and their reputation. You’ll get a better service because each review and feedback is important to the reputation of their business and they rely upon customer referrals for new business.

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